Melissa, Andy, & Brody (repost)

Originally posted on the old blog April 14, 2011.

Last weekend I photographed a wedding in my hometown (more on that later) which gave me the opportunity to get together with some old friends. Melissa and I spent a lot of time together playing basketball (ahem...sitting on the bench), playing our instruments in marching band (er, pretending to play), and consuming copious amounts of Twizzlers, Doritos and dip.  (Yes, I said Doritos AND dip...don't knock it till you've tried it). A few years ago Melissa married Andy (I like him) and this winter, Brody joined the family.  I'm just going to say it--Brody is one of the cutest babies I've seen.  I mean, just look at those eyebrows...

Melissa and Andy, congratulations on Brody. I'm looking forward to watching him (and his eyebrows!) grow. Love you. Hope to see you again soon.