Engaged: Jody & Joe

Originally posted on the old blog April 7, 2011.

My 3 Favorite Things about Joe and Jody:


1.  Alliteration.  I love it. I might shorten it to just JnJ. They've probably never gotten that before.

2.  They met online and their first date was at Target Field. I love modern dating.

3.  Joe and Jody don't waste time. And they don't do anything small.  They got engaged and BOOM, an entire wedding was planned just like that.  Then they decided to buy a house. BOOM, they found the perfect one almost immediately.  I like it when people get stuff done.

We'll be photographing Joe and Jody's Minneapolis wedding this September and, from what I've heard, it's going to be one large party.  Pretty sure it'll be a good one too.  JnJ, thank you for such a fun afternoon...and for not making fun of my driving skills.  See you soon!