14 Weeks.

HA! Not THAT type of 14 weeks.  No, no, no ...not the type that eventually involves elastic waistbands and glowing skin.... It was, however, 14 weeks ago I quit my full time, benefits!, paycheck-every-two weeks! job to pursue photography full time.  In some respects I can't believe it's already been 14 weeks. So much has already happened over the past few months:

- We moved to a new studio

- We acquired three new studio mates

- I agreed to speak at the West Coast Collective in Canada about boudoir photography. (I MAY have been under the influence of a delicious cocktail at the time said agreement was made...)

- We hired an office assistant and an additional second shooter (would you like to meet them? Yes? Well. Introductions will be made soon).

- We launched a new website and blog

- We became an LLC

-  And we photographed some weddings, boudoir sessions, and some really adorable families.

And while a lot HAS happened since February I still haven't accomplished most of my "when I have time" to-do list.  I thought I would have HEAPS of time once I went full time and my list would be annihilated immediately.  Not true.

But it's okay.  I'm working on managing my expectations.

I'm learning a lot.  Like "things that I didn't know about myself " or "things that no one tells you."  For example, I'm the type of person who's easily distracted by pretty and shiny objects. (Enter Pinterest.  I love Pinterest. I think if everyone joined Pinterest the art of gift giving would greatly evolve and the return lines on December 26h would be non existent.) See what I mean?  I also thought I would have more time for friends, leisurely walks around the lake, and yoga at the drop of a hat. The truth is--I work just as much as I did before. If not more.  I'm responsible for the success of this business and--(big truth here) it's scary as hell.

But it's okay.  I'm learning to take days off.  I try to get out from behind the computer a lot during the day (Actually-I set my iphone timer for hourly pushups and crunches).  Sometimes, my thoughtful friends randomly stop by with dinner. I have a faithful studio puppy that watches me airbrush airmpits.  And my husband is incredibly supportive; if he ever tires of talking about weddings and photography, he never shows it.

So here we are. 14 weeks later.  I feel happy, proud and lucky to be where I am.  The next few months are going to be absolutely crazy.  We're photographing 30 weddings this year.  It's super exciting--and a lot of work.  I think I'm more prepared for it than I ever was.

I was going to give you a glimpse into the new studio but it's just not quite ready for its closeup. Instead, here's where I sit everyday--puppy included.  Come visit us at the new studio. I promise I won't do any crunches while you're here. Maybe.