Minneapolis Portrait Session: Heather

Know that question that everyone asks our generation, "What were you doing on September 11?"  Well, I was with Heather.  Ten years ago, we were both students at the University of Iowa and had been living and working in the same dorm for several years. I'll never forget how we sat in a dorm room watching reports while Heather tried to track down her parents in D.C. She's been one of those friends who's always around for big moments and offers encouragement--even if it's from miles and miles away.  I've really appreciated her friendship over the year.   I was thrilled when we both ended up in the same place at the same time and that she wanted to do a portrait session.  Heather is an amazing dancer and gymnast and I'm really excited for the adventures she's about to embark on...  

Heather, thank you for the years of friendship...xoxo.

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