Some thanks.

You guys, I've been a grump today. I'm not sure why or how it started but every little thing has set me off.  During one of my (grump laden) breaks I started reading the internet.  All of my favorite bloggers are talking about Thanksgiving and for what they're grateful.  At first I was all, blah, blah, blah. But then I started feeling a little guilty for the general funk I'm in. So I started making my own list...and you know what? Things don't look so bad after all....


Things I'm thankful for:


Our home.  It's small but it's ours.  I've changed my mind a dozen times on the layout of our living room (YES to bookcases--NO to bookcases!) and have attempted too many home repairs on my own (did you know that toothpaste actually covers ceiling holes?!) but it still feels like a home.

My job. It's given me the opportunity to meet amazing people and to travel to far away places.  My life has taken on a completely different trajectory because of my work as a photographer...and I like it.

My family.  My dad died this year. All my relationships have changed; I've had conversations and learned things that I didn't know before.

My friends.  During wedding season I can be a scarce friend.  I'm usually holed up behind a camera or a computer. If an enticing invitation comes along I probably put my fingers in my ears and hum so that I don't get too distracted.  My friends never tire of my excuses. Some of them even bring dinner to the studio or "make" me join a shuffleboard league to break up my work time.  (BTW, shuffleboard is the most horrible team sport ever. If any of you want to start a sand volleyball team next year, count me in).

My husband.  Even on a day when I'm my grumpiest he doesn't punish me.  And he cooks the best meals ever. (And he's cool with the whole YES to bookcases-NO to bookcases! thing.)

Jean-luc.  I mean, really.  How could I not include him.  (And for those of you who've emailed asking...Puppy Monday will return next week. FOR REAL)

There are hundreds of other things I'm thankful for but I'll leave at that. Besides, you've probably got to go bake a pie or clean your guest room or something....Happy Thanksgiving, Internet friends.



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