Happy New Year!

The last twelve months have been alternately trying and rewarding for Cadence and me. We've achieved many of our goals, though we've paid a higher price for some of them than we'd hoped. Every day we get to go to work doing something that we both love. We get to spend a lot of time together and write our own schedules. It's a bit scary working without a safety net, but the upside makes it worth it to us.  I'm feeling particularly thankful that Cadence has welcomed me into her business formally; it's a real privilege to be able to join her. As I reflect on 2011, I feel happy. Thanks to you clients, friends, and blog readers. You've enabled us to feed ourselves working with cameras. Cheers to you. Tonight we're doing some of our favorite things: eating, drinking, and just hanging with friends. It's a perfect way to end any day.  Safe travels if you're going out tonight, and we'll see you next year.

Because all posts are better with picture here's one of Brian and Michaela's dog Neco.


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