Personal Project

One of the great things about being a wedding photographer in Minnesota is the down time we get in the winter.  This January is shaping up to be pretty busy but I  look forward to times where I can practice my photography skills that don't have anything to do with weddings.  Don't get me wrong, I love weddings. I love photographing couples and making art with them...but that little break I get over the winter months is what enables me to make better art for my clients. Rewind to November...I was taking Jean-Luc on a walk when I stumbled upon a lit-up house.  I love looking in people's windows and seeing little bits of how they live their lives.  (I promise it's less creepy than it sounds...or maybe it's not...).  As I approached this house I noticed there were instruments hanging on the walls like pieces of art.  I stopped in front of the house once I saw a half dozen men of varying ages jamming in a living room.  I'm talking tubas and trumpets jamming, you guys. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I stood outside watching until I realized I was being a total creeper...but with that moment a new personal project was born.

Beginning this winter I'll be photographing musicians.  From the people who jam in their living rooms, to the band teachers giving private lessons in their basements, to the college students in drumlines... I want to photograph all of them.  One awesome musician at a time.

I'm interested in meeting and photographing people who've dedicated their lives to the pursuit of music.  Know a musician?  Send 'em my way.



Oh, and this photo was taken on a recent trip to New Orleans.  I can't wait to go back...I'm thinking a Spring 2012 road trip.



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