Kaitlyn & Nick's Minneapolis Engagement Session

A few years ago, Nick was working at Apple when he was assigned to train in the new girl, Kaitlyn.  It didn't take too long before they realized they liked talking to each about things other than iPhones and iMacs.  Fast forward a few years--  and they're both still with Apple and getting married this fall in St. Paul.   When Eli and I got together with them for their engagement session earlier this summer, Eli couldn't help but quiz them about the new iMac... they were just as chatty as he was.  Luckily, we were able to get some work done amongst all that techy chit chat.  Kaitlyn and Nick are youthful, fun, totally in love and full of dreams of moving westward. (Hawaii or Portland anyone?  Yes, please!) We can't wait to photograph their wedding at the James J. Hill Library--we hear they have friends flying in from all over the country. Sounds like a party to us.