Mariko and Dan's St. Paul Wedding

Some of our couples have the most amazing stories of how they met and this couple definitely has one of our favorites. Several years ago, Mariko was working as an actor in Ashland, Oregon while Dan was in Minnesota finishing his second year of family medicine residency.  Both of them were on Catholic Match where Dan stumbled across Mariko's beautiful profile picture.  Dan hadn't paid for a full membership but was able to send her a "smile."  Mariko saw the smile but couldn't actually respond because she hadn't paid for a full membership either. Luckily, their story didn't end there.  Mariko, a resourceful young woman, started sleuthing.  Just one week prior, Dan's mother had been inducted into his high school athletic club hall of fame for her volunteer work; Dan used a photo from the celebration as his profile picture.  As fate would have it, if Mariko looked very closely at the photo she could read Dan's mother's last name on the plaque.  Armed with this information, she took to Facebook and tracked down the mysterious Dan.  It only took one phone conversation for them to both know they had found "the one."

Mariko & Dan, congratulations on finding each other!  Thank you for picking us to tell you story; we had so much fun sharing your celebration.

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