Meet Michaela!  She's our brand new studio manager and we're so excited to have her here.  I've known Michaela for about 6 years--we first met when we were both working for IKEA and we quickly became inseparable.  Michaela has a lot of spunk and brings out the best in people she's around.  I can't believe I get to work with my husband AND one of my besties everyday --I'm one lucky girl. Michaela says:

"My passion for people and art has brought me through many different avenues of life, yet my intrigue never wanes.  I love to joke and laugh, A LOT.  I'm a cool, calm, and collected individual, but secretly am a closet sci-fi nerd.  I'm detail oriented and extremely focused, except for when I'm temporarily distracted by shiny things.  I'm bursting with creative energy and draw inspiration from nature, life, and love.  I'm so excited work with Cadence & Eli, and to combine minds with two amazing individuals and talented photographers.  I'm looking forward to meeting all of you along this new adventure!"

Michaela's an artist too.  Pretty cool, right?

Please give a shout out and welcome to Michaela to C&E!