Engaged: Kris & Anna


Kris & Anna are the type of people you imagine being best friends with.  They've traveled all over, have lived in Australia together, do super cool things, and have the art of conversation on lockdown.  They also have a pretty sweet story of how the two of them met.  They were both working in New York and happened to be at the same shoot for Guinness World Records where Anna actually snuck onto the set to be the "target" for a knife thrower.  Kris was impressed by her moxie and quickly fell in love.  The next few days and weeks were a whirlwind--they met up in different cities in the US whenever they could and eventually Anna moved to Australia to be with Kris.  A couples moves and several years later, they're back in Anna's hometown and planning a wedding...in a yarn store, you guys! I couldn't be more excited hearing about all the small, thoughtful details they have in store for their wedding.