Erinn, Shane, Oscar & Olivia


Erinn and Shane are pretty awesome; I always look forward to hearing what new adventures they're up to. Sometimes it involves marathons and triathlons, or catching guitar picks at Pearl Jam concerts, or volunteering for local non-profit organizations.  Most of the time, though, it involves being some of the raddest parents we know.  I love watching them interact with their kids--they're both really loving, gentle, and calm but they also really encourage fun, sport, and, well, Star Wars.  For this session we joined them at home just weeks after Olivia was born and they had already settled into an easy morning routine.   Oscar adores Olivia and he's darn cute and funny.  Moments after waking up he looked at me and mischievously asked, "Where's YOUR baby?"

Erinn & Shane, pretty sure he's inherited that lofty wit from both of you.  


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