The Wettsteins


We first met Christina nearly three years ago when she started working for L'atelier Couture.  We became fast pals and soon found ourselves having drinks with her then-boyfriend, Alex. Christina & Alex were married this past winter and are now moving alllll the way across the country to California.  We're really going to miss Christina, her fiery personality, and her supreme story telling skills. Christina asked if we could do a portrait session with them before they moved so that she'd have something to remember us by.  While her sentiment might have been a little dramatic we happily obliged and had them over to the studio where we promptly gave them drinks and got them in front of our cameras. Christina and Alex are both hilarious on their own, but together they're a major comedic duo.  I've never seen a couple dole it out to each other like these two can.  They're goofy pranksters who also really love each other.

Christina & Alex, we're really going to miss you both.  Please get a guest bedroom for all the out of town visitors I can guarantee you'll be seeing.