Engaged: Jay & Tanya's downtown Minneapolis engagement session


Sometimes we ask our couples to do silly, seemingly ridiculous things.  It's not strange to hear one of us yell, "now...stand on one leg...and...try to push each other over" or, "okaaayyy....let me see the wave!"  Usually lots of laughter ensues.  And sometimes we get some amazing shots. During this session, Eli saw some kids rolling down the hill at Gold Medal Park and thought "hey,  now THAT'S a good idea."  So. Jay and Tanya roll down the hill once. And then again.  And then Eli suggests we do it too.  You guys, it was all fun and games until one of us (ahem, me) was sick all night from hill rolling.  There are just certain things that are much more fun when you're 10 years old.

Jay & Tanya, we love your playful spirit, thank you for trying all our games and for coming up with some of your own, too.  Can't wait for your wedding!