Kate & Joe's Uptown Engagement Session


Remember Cheers?  That show that revolved around a neighborhood bar "where everybody knows your name?"  Truth be told, I hated that show when I was a kid. I just couldn't understand the appeal of going to the same place and knowing mostly everyone hanging out and working there. (I also remember being super exasperated over Sam's love life).   Fast forward 20 years and, it turns out, Eli and I have a Cheers of our very own.  There's no catchy theme song, and people don't shout out our names when we arrive (thank goodness) but we definitely have a neighborhood hangout that we frequent once, twice, occasionally 3 times a week.  Need breakfast before a wedding?  Late night of editing and nothing in the fridge?  Lunch with friends from out of town?  Whiskey just because? For us the answer to all of these is Bryant Lake Bowl.  

Which is why we were absolutely thrilled when Kate & Joe suggested starting their engagement session at the BLB.  Kate & Joe ended their first date with drinks at BLB so it seemed fitting that we start out there before heading to the spot where Joe proposed last Thanksgiving.  

These two are so good together and laughter comes easily to both of them.  We're really looking forward to their wedding next spring!