Married: Jenna & Matt's Wayzata Wedding


There are many things I love about these two.  They met online, and even though Matt brought a friend to their first date, they knew instantly that each other was "the one."  And within days of that first date, they met each other's families--on Christmas, to boot!  There's just something very Love Actually about that, don't you think? Matt & Jenna wear their hearts on their sleeves.  They're huggers, they're criers, they're belly laugh-out-loud kind of people which, let's be honest, are my kind of people.

They're also both highly skilled in air guitar and rump shaking, as are their families.  A match made in heaven, I say.

Jenna & Matt, it seems just like yesterday we were doing your engagement session and breaking for late night happy hour at Smack Shack.  It 's been wonderful getting to know you both, and meeting your equally fun families.  Thank you for having us and for trusting us...even when we had a crazy idea or two.  Congratulations!



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