Minneapolis Engagement Session: Hannah & Josh


Eli and I do some crazy things on shoots.  If a shoot calls for us to scale tress, climb bluffs, and/or lie down in a pile of dirt we don't bat an eye.  And if we get to do something like, oh..., crawl through an old stained glass window to access an apartment rooftop so that we can shoot the Minneapolis skyline--well, then, we're the absolute happiest.   I think it's pretty obvious that we love a good challenge---which is probably why we were drawn to Crossfit and how we first met (coach) Hannah.  In class, Hannah is inspiring and often hilarious.  She makes the best workout playlists and announces the workouts with a maniacal giant grin.  Naturally, we liked her instantly.

When Hannah got engaged to Josh and they asked us to photograph their wedding we were ecstatic.  And of course, we liked Josh instantly, too.  They're an adorable couple.  They met through the improv community and are a wickedly funny duo.  They're incredibly sweet with each other and I love how supportive they are of each other's careers.

Hannah and Josh--thank you so much for walking all over Uptown with us, taking us to Huge, and for climbing through windows for us.  We can't wait until October!