Engaged: Michaela & Brian's Home Engagement Session


You guys...this is a hard post for me to write without getting emotional because my best friend is getting married next weekend!  I first met Michaela at really important time in my life. I had just moved to Minneapolis, started a new job, and didn't know a lot of people in the city.  Enter this bubbly, enthusiastic artist with a laugh that reverberates for miles and miles.  I still remember the first thing she ever said to me, "Hey girl!  I like your boots!"  That single interaction led to countless coffee breaks, lunches, and dance party after dance party.  We quickly became inseparable.

In Michaela, I have the biggest cheerleader a friend could ask for.  She's lifted me up time and time again.  She's celebrated my successes, been there on the good and  the not-so-good days.  She teases me about my weaknesses and encourages me to grow.  Over the years she's done so much for me and I'll forever be grateful for her love and kindness.

Brian, I'm so happy for you.  You get one helluva cheerleader to share your life with.  Thank you for making my friend so happy.

For their engagement session, we did a relaxing evening at their home in Minneapolis while they did some last minute prep for the wedding. I love the idea of documenting their first home together.  Next weekend Eli and I will be putting our cameras down while our good friend Lindsey Thorne flies in to shoot this wedding; I'll be wearing a bridesmaid dress and Eli and Michaela just might engage in a dance off...for old time's sake.