Minneapolis Aria Wedding: Christi & Jeremy

From the bride: “Before seeing our photos, I was a little nervous and kind of preparing myself that the whole thing might have been better in my head than it was on camera, but I was wrong! I'm so grateful we have such gorgeous images of our wedding that we'll have forever and ever!”

“Jeremy and I spent the morning before we had to be at the venue meditating. I know that's an eye-roll statement, but if there's any day you want to stay in the moment, it's your wedding day. We also wrote letters to each other that morning just about how we felt and what kind of partnership we wanted to have. Everyone says your wedding day goes by so fast it's a blur, but I feel lucky that I felt like it was enough.”

“We looked at about 5 wedding venues in Minneapolis that we were in our price range where we could have both the ceremony and reception, but also that fit with our collective vibe. Of the 5 we looked at Aria was the only one we were both equally excited about because it felt industrial, artsy, chic, and romantic”

“One of my favorite photos is from the toasts where everyone is sort of misty-eyed and extremely happy-looking. Every time I look at it it brings back the joy of the moment!”

“The best advice I got was from the book A Practical Wedding, and the sentiment is that you want remember what your wedding looked like, but you'll remember what it felt like. When we were considering wedding photographers, we were really drawn to Cadence and Eli because they seemed to really capture feelings and emotions in their photographs. Their work isn't all one style -- they seem to pick up on the energy of the wedding and try to honor that in their photographs (but obviously they also capture what the day looked like!)”

Cadence Cornelius