Puppy Monday

It's been a couple of weeks since I've done a Puppy Monday post, and I've been getting some heat from his die-hard fans. Too bad we're traveling in Iowa without any of our gear today...  Good thing I've got my iPhone :) Cadence and I travel to the Dominican Republic next week to shoot Tess and Josh's wedding. We're looking forward to taking some time to relax and re-charge while we're there as well. Cadence is already getting into the sprit. Meanwhile, Jean-Luc is just doing his thing keeping watch over his favorite person in the whole wide world. Good thing he gets to spend some quality time with CC in the grass today we haven't told him yet that he doesn't get to come next week.

Jean-Luc is our French Bulldog. He keeps watch over Cadence Cornelius, the brilliant wedding photographer.


Puppy MondayEli