Galen & Angie's Minneapolis Engagement Session

Before I left my day job to pursue photography full time, Galen was my cube mate.   (Well, we didn't really have cubes per se and we sat across the aisle from each other but you get my drift...) Being both from Iowa, we became fast friends and bonded over references that only Iowans would understand.  Galen and Angie have been together for as long as I can remember and I would always pester Galen about when he was going to propose or what the ring would look like. Despite my endless pestering, he's always been really supportive of our business and I appreciate his friendship. Last fall I heard via the grapevine (the only time I've actually missed my old cube life) that Galen finally popped the question.  Angie, his beautiful fiance, is so incredibly smart and does CSI type work--seriously.  Every time I see her I just want to hear more and more about the gory details of her job. These two are getting married next month at Aria at the Jeune Lune.  Eli and I are so excited not only to photograph it, but to watch a friend get married...and for a killer dance party because Angie has some seriously rad dance moves.  


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