Christine & Jason's Destination Engagement Session

A few months ago we were planning Christine and Jason's engagement session and when we asked the two of them what their vibe was they said something darker and edgier.  A few days later Christine emailed us with a couple location ideas. The last one on the list was The House on The Rock, but she immediately dismissed it due to the location.  Eli and I promptly googled the HOTR and were struck by the images we saw--everything was full of rich color and texture.  A few days went by and we couldn't get the House on The Rock out of our heads, we knew it was the perfect location to create the type of photos they wanted. We emailed them and proposed a weekend destination engagement shoot.  I think they were pretty shocked at our reaction to their suggestion but they excitedly wrote back, "yes!"  A few short weeks later, we loaded up the car and drove west.  Wisconsin greeted us with amazing rolling hills and perfect weather.  We spent the weekend exploring, photographing, visiting supper clubs, and getting to know each other better. As a first time visitor to the House on The Rock, I can honestly say it's the quirkiest place I've ever visited...but it was totally worth it. Christine and Jason, thank you for proposing such an "crazy" idea and for letting us run with it, I can't imagine doing it any other way.





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