Werth Baby: The arrival of Henrietta


Back in April, we posted a "Wish List" of things we really, really wanted to photograph.  Number 5 on the list: "Photograph a birth.  Because wouldn't it be amazing to have professional photographs of the moments right before your family expanded and of you meeting your child for the first time?  Yes, yes, it would."

I've never been in a delivery room before and I haven't even been around very many newborns but this year is all about challenging myself as a photographer and documenting real moments. 

Well, my friends Brandon and Chelsey, who just happen to be beautifully talented photographers as well, (seriously, check them out) asked me to be a backup photographer for the birth of their daughter.  As luck would have it, one night in early June, I got the phone call that they needed me-- I arrived after Chelsey had been laboring for over 24 hours already and the nurses were quite confident the baby would be arriving soon.

Brandon really wears his heart on his sleeve--I have to admit it's one of my very favorite things about him. And Chelsey's strength, and good nature absolutely amaze me.  

You two, I feel so lucky that I got to be there and photograph Henrietta's birth.  Your family will always hold a special place in my heart.