Married: Melissa & LC


This fall we traveled to Fort Lewis Lodge in Virginia for Melissa & LC's wedding weekend; this is the perfect example of why we love intimate destination weddings so much. Guests gathered around dining tables or around the fireplace and swapped stories, threw back whiskey (it, too, helps with the chilly Virginia nights), and smoked the occasional cigar.  There was hiking, snoozing in hammocks, and hot tub shenanigans.  

And amidst all of this, Melissa and LC were married in front of a small, important group of family and friends.  

And then...there. was. dancing.  Amen.

Getting to spend a whole weekend with wedding guests means we came away with so many new friends and lots of really beautifully honest photos.  

Melissa & LC, we hope our paths cross again on a new adventure someday soon.  Thank you so much for having us--love from Minnesota!