Married: Caitlin & Corey's Enchanted Barn Wedding

You guys, I've been dragging my feet on blogging this one for weeks.  We're thrilled with these photos--in fact, my heart's practically bursting with pride for each and every single photo in their gallery.  But. BUT. It's been hard to find the perfect words for these two.  I wanted to tell you how, for the past 18 months I've followed them on instagram and how their love notes aren't saccharinely sweet but funny, clever, and tend to involve a lot of cat humor.  I wanted to tell you about how two artists with separate disciplines admire each other and use their differences to collaborate on beautiful projects. Or I've thought about describing what it's like to be with them--that they seem to have a secret language that sends them into fits of laughter at a moment's notice. Or I could've told you that nothing is more important to them than their family and friends and how they've embraced each others' as their own. But none of these singular things describe the whole that is Caitlin & Corey.

Where the words have failed me, I hope that our photos fill the gaps.  Caitlin & Corey, what a trip it's been getting to know you two.  From chasing you two on your bikes during a day so chilly our eyes were wet with cold to a warm fall day when our eyes misted for entirely different reasons--we think you're the cat's pajamas. (Sorry/not Sorry!) Thank you for bringing us into your circle.